My dream job is to be president of a professional soccer team, but this is good too!

Matt Cocchiaro
Data Science & Technology


What’s different about Questex?

We’re working to improve our customer experience with every touchpoint they have to a Questex product. It doesn’t matter to us whether it’s an in-person or a digital interaction, we do our best business when we delight our audiences with great content, easy to use tools, and the best experience possible.

There are a lot of buzz words in our industry right now, which are you using?

We use AI and machine learning technologies in a way that’s a bit different from many others in the industry. We focus on audience experiences first and foremost, so those technologies are used to give the audience the best possible interaction they can have with any of our properties. We carefully study and analyze what people value the most and try to build on that with new products, new experiences, new interactions, etc.

What are you most excited to be working on?

We’re building new websites that are bridging the gap between our event sites and media sites. This is focused on improving our customer experience with Questex and not forcing users to go to multiple sites to gather information, register for events, consume content, etc. I think what we’re doing is a bit of a different approach that will resonate with people.

Why would you recommend Questex as a place to work?

At Questex we work at a very quick pace, and because of that employees are afforded a great deal of autonomy in their day to day tasks. Working alongside highly productive and happy people, I’d say there aren’t many environments that are more fun to work in!

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