You can find me dancing to live music or in my meditative yoga practice – wherever I am I want to experience it fully!

Rhonda Wunderlin
Performance Marketing


What does Performance Marketing mean?

My team and I are responsible for identifying the buyers our customers want to reach. We make sure we have their most recent information, that they are actively interested in engaging with us and that they are being reached the way they want to be reached. Our goal is to connect sellers with the buyers that want to meet them for a win-win.

How do you identify the right audience or customer?

While we can’t get you in front of all the people in our 4 million strong database we can get you in their heads. We take a 360 degree view, what our attendees and audience tell us both by behavior and demographics, layering on their activity and engagement and using that to determine where they are in the buyers journey.

Why would you recommend Questex as a place to work?

The people – the people I get to work with every day are not only knowledgeable about the markets they serve, they are extremely passionate. It’s a high energy, collaborative work place that is making a difference!

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