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Senior Vice President
Mobile Communications Co.


Customer Satisfaction
Online Streaming

VP & GM Software
Mobile Network Telecom Co.


Wireless Technology

Principal Engineer
Micro Elecro Mechanical Systems Co.


Autonomous Vehicles

Product Manager
Telecom and Mass Media Co.


Video Strategy
Artificial Intelligence

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Software Co.


Edge Computing

Director of Marketing
Semiconductor Company


Wearable Devices
Embedded Technology

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Research Director
Healthcare Informatics Co.


Artificial Intelligence
Prosthetic Sensors

Questex Technology brands deliver in-person events, virtual events, commentary and analysis to influencers and decision makers in the telecom, entertainment, electronics, education & leadership.

From next gen network infrastructures, 5G, IoT, Electronics, and Sensors, to streaming television and entertainment. Achieve your marketing objectives by engaging with customers at every step along the buyer’s journey through digital media, content marketing, flagship events and integrated marketing programs.

Unique Monthly Readers
100 K+
Total attendees, 400+ exhibitors to Technology events
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happens here.

Sensors Converge is packed with technology professionals exploring how sensors are revolutionizing the future of everything, from robotics and autonomous vehicles to embedded systems and the Internet of Things. Live-action demos and hands-on learning inspire creativity and innovation.
For Colorado-based Glow Labs, it gave them the ability to meet design engineers working to bring smart products to market.

Telecom Brands

Fierce Telecom

Covering the latest news on telecom companies, backhaul, ethernet, IPTV and other trends driving telecommunications into the future.

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Fierce Wireless

Breaking news and expert analysis of the trends shaping wireless communications.

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Silverlinings provides analysis, strategy for the 21st Century Cloud Infrastructure Revolution – the single largest communications transformation of all time. We help cloud network architects separate reality from marketing fluff and untangle the complexities of cloud infrastructure. It's the only site that delivers a reputable daily source of news, analysis and strategy for cloud infrastructure, where you can have a laugh at the same time.

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Entertainment Brands

LDI Show

For more than three decades, Live Design International (LDI) has been the go-to trade show and conference for 16,000 live event professionals around the world. LDI connects design, technology, and production for a range of live and broadcast venues like concerts, theatre, corporate events, esports and houses of worship.

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Live Design

Live Design is the official online publication of LDI and the must-read creative and technical resource for live entertainment professionals in lighting, sound, staging, and projection. Live Design’s access to the industry’s top designers and artisans allows us to provide highly targeted and relevant coverage.

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XLIVE comprises conference and digital content that transforms the way live event producers share expertise, learn, and revolutionize experience. XLIVE@LDI features the richest and most comprehensive conference curriculum, from festivals to esports, available to live event and entertainment professionals.


Digital Signage Experience

Digital Signage Experience explores every aspect of digital and interactive display technology, from concept and design to content and analytics. No matter what business you're in or where you are on the adoption curve, DSE caters to your needs right now, providing access to hundreds of leading vendors of digital display, interactive technology and content solutions.

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Fierce Video

Focuses on the business and technology issues facing video-on-demand programmers, broadcasters and content companies as they compete to enter and distribute in an increasingly crowded marketplace.

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StreamTV Show

The StreamTV Show is the largest meeting ground for the streaming television industry covering distribution, advertising, and technology. Every year, aggregators, platforms, networks, and others gather to discuss how streaming television continues to evolve as the predominant method of viewing.

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Electronic Brands

Fierce Electronics

The Information Source Guiding Transformations in Electronics. Providing the engineering community access to essential news, analysis and resources on trends, tools and disruptive technologies.

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Sensors Converge

Sensors Converge is North America’s largest electronics event for design engineers – covering the entire design cycle from components to system solutions. Engineers and technologists throughout the global electronics ecosystem come to Sensors Converge to connect for the education, innovation, and collaboration they need to design a better technological future for all.

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Education Brands

Fierce Education

The Fierce Education motto is "Rethinking Higher Education in a Blended Learning World." It's where higher education leaders, faculty, and those driving technology decisions in education access proven methods and best practices in all aspects of distance and blended learning.

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Leadership Brands

CFO Innovation Forums

Where top-tier finance industry stakeholders convene to share best practices - building resilience through cost optimization and re-evaluating strategies.

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CDO Innovation Summits

Incorporating strategies, culture, talents and technologies to lead successful enterprise transformations and creating new and sustainable revenue models in digitalization.

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CMO Innovation Summits

Gathering CMOs, CEOs, CIOs, VPs, Heads and Directors of Marketing to discuss topics such as ecosystem platform, using CX in gaining ROI, assessing AI tools in gaining sustainable growth and marketing & analytics tracking.

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