I enjoy creating—sewing, painting, refinishing furniture, landscaping—getting my hands dirty to make something beautiful.

Molly Walker
Content Strategy


Is there a common thread between crafting event content and digital storytelling?

It’s the people in our markets. Our audience demands and deserves the best content – timely, informative, insightful and, at times, opinionated. There’s nothing more invigorating than forging a trusted partnership with them, whether online or on the show floor.

Questex is in some great, but varied, markets. How does that work in terms of content?

It’s true that the deep vertical knowledge and expertise looks different for Pharma than it does for Hospitality. But with the same goals around engaging our audience, we’ve been able to scale expertise around customer experience, content packaging and journalism strategies.

What's different about the Capabilities approach?

By focusing on five central Capabilities, Questex has not just honed expertise in core areas that support and drive the business, it’s set up the perfect space for collaboration. Each discipline complements and supports the others in a truly remarkable way. Not only is it getting results, it’s a lot of fun.

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