I find motivation in completing the puzzle - especially when some of the pieces are missing.

Kirstin Lewis
Event Strategy


How do all the different types of Questex events affect how you approach operational planning?

For any type of event, the primary goal is always to ensure the best customer experience. From an operations perspective, we can make the greatest overall impact by focusing on the gatherings, seamless tech and brand experiences. At the receptions and gatherings we create environments where the attendees, exhibitors and sponsors can interact with and learn from each other. We incorporate the best technology in our registration process to allow for great data collection while providing fast and easy check-in. And we try to create branded experiences where our attendees can interact with our exhibitors and sponsors and experience what they are learning in action.

What makes event operations at Questex different?

What is special about event planning at Questex is that our operations teams work very closely with the Questex in market teams who are incredibly knowledgeable in their industries and in tune with their customers needs. This helps to ensure the logistics planned for each event are based on our customers’ specific needs which result in an amazing customer experience.

What is the most exciting thing about event operations?

There a ton of small pieces that need to be individually planned for the event to happen. Watching all of the pieces come together in a successful event where the customers have an amazing experience is the best part of what we do.

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