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TelcoDR Collaborates with Questex’s Silverlinings as a Thought Leader in the Cloud Infrastructure Industry

NEW YORK, May 16, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — TelcoDR, the company focused on catalyzing telcos’ move to the public cloud, today announces a collaboration with Questex’s Silverlinings, a content platform devoted to analysis and strategy for the 21st Century Cloud Infrastructure Revolution – the single largest communications transformation of all time. A series of curated blogs, podcasts, and articles from TelcoDR will be syndicated on Silverlinings in a featured content channel and through a custom branded TelcoDR block on the Silverlinings homepage. Additionally, Danielle Royston will become a member of the Silverlinings’ Advisory Board.

Danielle Royston, also known as ‘DR,’ is Founder and CEO of TelcoDR and the acting CEO of Totogi. As telecom’s leading public cloud evangelist and a seasoned enterprise software leader, Royston has raised $1 billion to fundamentally transform telco software, propelling the industry to new heights with the power of the public cloud. She brought the discussion of the public cloud to the forefront of the telecom industry with CLOUD CITY in Barcelona at MWC21. She has been asked to speak on some of the biggest stages in the industry including giving keynote addresses at Mobile World Congress. Royston has also been featured in numerous publications including Forbes, Fierce Telecom, Light Reading, and Fast Company. Through the Telco in 20 podcast, blog, and newsletter, she has generated thought provoking content to inspire executives on their move to the public cloud.

“I’m so excited to share my content with Silverlinings and to join the Advisory Board. The move to the cloud is inevitable and happening in all industries around the world. The focus that Silverlinings is bringing to this shift is exciting, and I’m thrilled I can help shape the conversation in the industry about adopting cloud technology,” said Royston.

Royston will offer cloud insights in the first episode of Silverlinings’ Cloud 9 Executive Interview Series. Cloud 9’s one-on-one format with cloud industry leaders provides extraordinary insight into the exciting but hugely chaotic future of the global communications market. Click here to watch video.

“Danielle has quickly established herself as an authority on public cloud migration and we are delighted to be able to share her invaluable insights directly with the audience of cloud architects on Silverlinings,” said Steve Saunders, Silverlinings’ founder.

About TelcoDR
The telecom industry is on the precipice of a transformational shift – a monumental evolution driven by public cloud adoption – and TelcoDR is catalyzing this change, backed by its $1B Telco Transformation Fund. Founded and led by telecom’s leading public cloud evangelist, Danielle Royston, TelcoDR has raised significant capital to acquire telco software vendors and catapult them to the public cloud through the Skyvera operating unit, as well as through investing in startups like Totogi that are innovating and building truly public cloud-native technology. When TelcoDR’s vision for the telecom industry has been achieved, CSPs will realize massive cost savings, drive tremendous business growth, and dramatically improve customer engagement. Follow TelcoDR on LinkedIn and Twitter. To learn more, visit

About Silverlinings
Silverlinings provides analysis and strategy for the 21st Century Cloud Infrastructure Revolution – the single largest communications transformation of all time. Through independent, original reporting, Silverlinings helps cloud network architects separate reality from marketing fluff and untangle the complexities of cloud infrastructure. Whether it’s integrating new and old technology, providing security, improving visibility, merging public and private clouds, avoiding cloud lock-in, managing edge networks, or deploying 5G into the cloud, Silverlinings is the only site where cloud network architects can find a reputable daily source of news, analysis and strategy for cloud infrastructure. Follow Silverlinings on LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube.

About Questex
Questex helps people live better and longer. Questex brings people together in the markets that help people live better: travel, hospitality, and wellness; the industries that help people live longer: life science and healthcare; and the technologies that enable and fuel these new experiences. We live in the experience economy – connecting our ecosystem through live events, surrounded by data insights and digital communities. We deliver experience and real results. It happens here.

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