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Questex’s Silverlinings’ Cloud 9 Executive Interview Series Delivers Exclusive Cloud Insights

Danielle Royston, Leading Public Cloud Evangelist, is First Guest with Steve Saunders

NEW YORK, May 15, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Questex’s Silverlinings, the company’s newest brand covering cloud infrastructure, announces the Cloud 9 Executive Interview Series, putting top cloud influencers and problem-solvers into the spotlight with Silverlinings Founder Steve Saunders. Each Cloud 9 interview features an industry executive in a video session with Saunders, for a forthright, educational, authoritative, and entertaining discussion about market trends, opportunities, and solutions of critical importance to the global communications industry. The first Cloud 9 episode features Danielle Royston, CEO and Founder of TelcoDR and acting CEO of Totogi.

Cloud 9’s one-on-one format with the leaders of the cloud industry provides an extraordinary level of insight into the exciting but hugely chaotic future of the global communications market.   Silverlinings’ Cloud 9 product offering delivers a full-service solution, including scheduling, filming, editing, and syndication of each episode to a global audience via Silverlinings and Fierce Telecom.​ Custom sponsorship opportunities and promotional boost programs are available to extend exposure across other media and social media channels.

“Cloud 9 features the leaders of the companies that develop and sell vital cloud services and applications and the pioneers that are using them,” says Saunders. “The conversation gives executives a forum to share candid insights from their unique perspectives, as well as vital knowledge and strategy on key industry issues like multi-cloud, monetization, observability, and security.”

The first episode of Cloud 9 features TelcoDR’s Danielle Royston, the telco industry’s leading public cloud evangelist, who outlines a strategy for telcos looking to deploy profitable, innovative services over the public cloud. To watch the Cloud 9 video, click here.

According to Royston, “When I speak to telco executives, I say, ‘if your nearest competitor went all in on public cloud, very aggressively, got the cost savings, agility, and speed to market, where would that leave you?’ They usually say they would be behind or compromised. It’s a conversation every telco C-suite and board should be thinking about.”

In addition to his role as an authority on communications technology, Saunders is also an established documentary filmmaker. His Web Wide World Series explored the impact of the deployment of next-generation comms technology on societies around the world and received prestigious Hermes and Telly awards. He has previously interviewed John Chambers, Bill Gates, Michael Dell, and many others. ​

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