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Questex Unveils Q Activate, Adds Behavior, Intent and Trending to First-Party Data in One Audience Management Solution

Proprietary Intelligence Platform Activates Audience Insight, Content and Revenue

NEW YORK, March 08, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Questex today unveils Q Activate, a proprietary platform that combines event and content intelligence to deliver insight into what its audience of B2B decision makers are interested in on and off its websites. This new platform brings all of Questex’s first-party audience data together into one database, allowing Questex to respond quickly to trends, intent and needs to fuel audience engagement enabling its customers to connect with buyers with more accuracy and intelligence.

“Our audience data is the lifeblood of our business. With more data being generated than ever before, we’ve created a forward-thinking strategy that combines event and content intelligence with trends and demographics to deliver insight into our audience’s interests and buying intent,” said Kate Spellman, Chief Marketing Officer, Questex.

Research shows that 60-80% of web visitors are unidentified. Q Activate allows Questex to gain a deep understanding of topic, audience and intent information in a single view from multiple data sources to identify the highest trends for each of its core markets – Hospitality, Wellness, Travel, Education, Life Sciences, Healthcare and Technology, Media & Telecommunications. Questex can see what content is resonating and identify potential gaps to better serve audience needs, create more engaging marketing campaigns and advise clients on marketing solutions. This allows Questex to deliver the right content through its websites and events, to the right audience at the right time to generate market awareness and qualified leads for customers.

Spellman added, “All of our audience profiles and buyer intent data are now available through Q Activate, allowing us to support strategic business objectives and monetization opportunities. We can now grow, engage and retain audiences through a fully-integrated multi-channel journey via our websites, newsletters, content marketing, virtual events, webinars and live events.”

Marketers are in need of highly targeted audiences to drive business. Questex can now better collaborate with customers to activate audiences throughout the entire buyer’s journey as they move from discovering a problem to identifying features and functionality of a solution to selecting a provider and making a purchase. Q Insight reports allows for more collaboration with clients on who is visiting Questex’s media and event sites and what content these audiences are engaging with on and off Questex’s sites. The reports give Questex customers more insight as to what their target audience is consuming. Questex can also work with customers to deliver more targeting and personalization based on the detailed audience information it can deliver.

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