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Chegg Research Reveals the Student POV on Distance Learning at REMOTE: Connected Faculty Summit, Hosted by Arizona State University

Chegg Research Shows Close to Two-Thirds of U.S. Undergraduates Want to Continue Online Learning Post COVID-19

NEW YORK, Aug. 11, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Nearly 50,000 faculty members, academics, instructional designers, administrators and educators in all areas of higher education registered to attend REMOTE: The Connected Faculty Summit, hosted by ASU on July 13-14, 2020.  With universities, state schools and community colleges representing more than 150 countries live at the event to witness 113 speakers leading more than 88 sessions, the virtual event set a new standard in decentralizing remote education expertise and unveiled a new research study from Chegg on how students are adapting to the new normal.

The Chegg survey shows that almost two-thirds (69%) of U.S. undergraduate students surveyed about their experiences during the COVID-19 lockdown said they would welcome some degree of online tuition post-pandemic. During the coronavirus pandemic, over a third of students (39%) said their academic performance was unaffected by the switch to remote learning, while a minority (36%) said they learned all the same things online as they would have done with face-to-face tuition.

“I immediately thought of Chegg’s ability to tap into their vast database of undergraduate students and share the student’s point of view on this transformation,” said David Levin, executive producer of REMOTE and University Entrepreneur in Residence at Arizona State University. “When I shared this concept with the Chegg executive team, they were among the first to committ financial backing to enable the event and resources to field the research.”

The vision for REMOTE as a ‘for good’ event came to Levin in early March as he watched the world change amidst the impact of COVID-19, and specifically the pivot educators and students were forced to adapt to virtually overnight.  “Part of understanding how to manage this transformation in pedagogy includes understanding the student point of view and offering this research to faculty at no cost helps everyone make more informed decisions,” Levin commented.

“Coronavirus has brought an overnight revolution. By fast-forwarding underlying trends, it has crystallised the stark choice faced by colleges:  they need to innovate if they want to survive,” said Dan Rosensweig, Chegg’s President and Chief Executive Officer.

The survey included 1,145 two-year and four-year U.S. undergraduates aged 18 and over and was conducted during the first two weeks of June by the polling organization Dynata on behalf of Chegg in collaboration with REMOTE and Arizona State University Foundation.

The survey identified a number of areas where universities can seek to improve online courses. Over three quarters of the students surveyed (77%) said their online course experience could be improved with better communication, while 76% said they want better planning for online courses.

The survey is available for download here.

REMOTE: The Connected Faculty Summit is produced by Questex.

Learn more about REMOTE: The Connected Faculty Summit here. To register to attend the Summit, click here or stay connected on LinkedIn.

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