People have always wanted to live better and live longer. Today people define better by the quality of life they are living, not by the goods they’ve accumulated. They want to experience life in ever richer ways and to feel and look good while they are doing it. 

“Over the past many years, personal-consumption spend on experience-related services—such as attending events, eating at restaurants, and traveling—have grown more than 1.5 times faster than overall personal-consumption spending and nearly 4.0 times faster than expenditures on goods.“ –McKinsey

It’s these people, companies and industries in the experience economy that define Questex. We live in the markets that help us live better: wellness, hospitality and travel; the industries that help us live longer: healthcare and life sciences; and through the technologies that enable and enhance new experiences.

Questex rich audience data includes millions of relationships with active decision makers who rely on Questex brands to advance their companies through our cutting edge engagement platform.

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Questex Wellness

Dream big, bold and beautiful!

Questex Wellness

There is no question that the global wellness economy fuels the quest to live better and live longer. Human life expectancy continues to rise, health innovations are stretching. Questex aligns its customers with the changes in buying dynamics throughout the booming wellness industry.


Fastest path from lead to sale.

Questex Hospitality

Plenty of opportunity awaits the $570 billion hospitality industry. Questex empowers those owners, operators, suppliers and industry professionals as they shift to optimization, enhance destinations and create new innovations in guest experiences.

Questex TRAVEL

The ultimate marketing destination.

Questex Travel

Personalization, automation, seamless security and enhanced travel experiences continue to broaden the scale and scope of the travel industry. Questex nurtures and connects this progressive community of global pacesetters, opening new paths to sustainable growth in travel.


Questex healthcare & LIFE SCIENCES

Discover, reinvent and unlock growth.

Questex Healthcare & Life Sciences

Global biotech, medtech and health spending is on the rise. Pharmaceutical spending is predicted to outpace overall health care spending to the tune of $1.2 trillion by 2024. Strategic transformation is critical for life sciences companies and Questex guides contributors and constituents as they navigate and build smart ecosystems.



Meet and make qualified tech buyers.

Questex Technology

Artificial intelligence is getting bigger.  The demand for Internet of Things (IoT) solutions soars. Product design outsourcing, virtual reality, robotics and automation all rely on sound technology solutions. Questex brands touch multiple aspects of technology, informing and introducing inventors, innovators, implementors and enthusiasts along the way.