Questex Launches the New Fierce, Creates a Modern Information Services Model 

Approach Puts Audience at the Center; Builds Out Year-Round Engagement; and Creates a Formula for Questex to Launch into New Verticals

NEW YORK, June 11, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Questex’s new model creates a year-round engagement framework putting the audience at the center. The strategy builds on the Fierce DNA and commitment to deliver essential content that responds to business needs. News and insights integrated with community connections through a multi-channel approach across live events, webinars and virtual events help its professional audiences navigate the buyer’s journey giving them the information they need, when and where they need it.

The approach was developed from the Fierce Playbook, a “how to” on delivering world-class content, and the ExL Event Guidebook, a step by step workflow on identifying and launching events. This proprietary framework allows Questex to replicate and scale quickly into existing and new verticals through acquisition and organic growth. Questex will initially introduce this new model in its Fierce Life Sciences business. 

“During this time of uncertainty, we have honed a forward-thinking strategy. Fierce is known for its quality content, inventiveness and insight and the new Fierce strategy layers the ability to connect buyers and sellers in more environments with increased offerings and experiences,” said Paul Miller, CEO, Questex. “We will be adding communities that will benefit from the Fierce model and where we can add unique value through a holistic approach to news, education and networking.” 

The new Fierce launches with a new look. It’s bold, dynamic and confident, which represents the strength and value delivered by Fierce insights and events.

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